Sustainability Commitment

UN's Brundtland Commission definition of sustainability: Meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Resinall embraces the United Nations and U. S. EPA's definition of sustainability. Sustainability is a path forward that allows humanity to meet current environmental and human health, economic, and societal needs without compromising the progress and success of future generations.

Since it's founding, Resinall has operated ethically in a manner to provide sustainability. It can even be seen in our corporate color - Green.

Resinall is committed to sustainability through Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry is “the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry applies across the life cycle of a chemical product, including its design, manufacture, and use.”  Resinall’s basic raw materials Tall Oil Rosin and Hydrocarbon Feedstock are downstream products of the paper and polyethylene industries respectively. These streams will be produced as long as paper is produced from pine trees using the Kraft process and as long as polyethylene is produced by the world’s petrochemical industry. Resinall converts these streams into valuable products for a wide range of end use applications thus reducing waste, disposal issues, and reducing inefficient burning of these streams to create greenhouse gas.

Resinall continues to reduce its environmental footprint, protect human health and safeguard the natural environment. In the past 25 years Resinall has lowered the use of valuable resources and disposal of waste products per pound of product produced. Resinall recycles nearly 100% of its off-spec and end of line resins and utilizes 100% of its hydrocarbon co-product as an extremely low sulfur and efficient fuel to reduce the use of fossil fuel to power the processes. Resinall installed closed loop cooling saving up to 95% of daily ground water use in both its’ Severn, NC and Hattiesburg, MS facilities. Resinall purchases raw materials in bulk wherever possible limiting waste disposal in landfills. In addition, Resinall recycles paper (paper/plastic bags) and metal (both used process metal and gum rosin tins) dramatically reducing the amount of industrial waste sent to the landfill. Resinall strives to be a zero landfill site at both its’ Severn, NC and Hattiesburg, MS facilities.

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